Providing Professional Security Services to the Greater Dallas – Ft. Worth Area

Security Services in the Dallas – Ft. Worth Area | SRC Private SecuritySecurity Response Company is focused on providing expert security services to Texas individuals, companies, organizations and the public. Founded in 1997, we’re prepared to meet the challenges of our Dallas – Ft. Worth clients.

Business Parks

Security Response Company provides on-site officers and patrol security services for business parks. Service during regular business hours provides protection for workers and customers, and after hours helps prevent break-ins, trespassing, car prowling and unwanted activities such as skateboarding, graffiti, parking lot parties, illegal dumping and ‘dumpster-diving.’

“SRC is very accommodating to our needs. We can switch up the schedule with no problems, and we’ve had zero incidents since SRC began patrolling our centers. They’re very good about checking on who is coming into our centers and their business there, and I’d recommend their service to anyone. We’ll continue to use them on our properties.”
-Cathy Nilsen, Property Manager, Buchan Brothers Investment Properties


SRC will establish a strong perimeter through our highly visible presence, exterior patrols and fence-line signage. We will also keep unauthorized personnel outside and deter theft, arson, vandalism, trespassing and other unwanted activities. Our company provides traffic and access control during and after work hours to ensure security of equipment, tools and materials, and to keep the public off the site. We will work with site management to ensure all necessary safety precautions are taken.

“I’ve had the opportunity to use SRC on two jobsites. They supplied daily activity logs and kept us informed at all times of any discrepancies on the site. They’re easy to work with and are very conscientious. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them for any job.”
-Carol Saari, Senior Field Administrator, Skanska USA Inc.


SRC will monitor foot traffic and provide protection for staff and visitors. Other security services can include information desk, alarm & camera monitoring and event security at museums, performances/plays, dances, art shows and other events.


SRC will protect your students and staff, and provide on-site security officers during and after class hours. On-site officers control the gate, patrol the campus and can respond to alarms or student requests for aid (escorts, cashier audits, etc.). SRC can also provide monitoring of dormitories and report violations of codes/regulations.

“Professional, supportive, qualified, well skilled, highly trained. Quickly became an integral component in the everyday running of our business. Friendly to staff and students (families!).”
-Jodi Rea, School Supervisor, Northwest Ballet


Prepared to meet every security challenge. Call us for professional security services for public and private entities in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area. SRC will control access with a gate or mobile officer. During hours of operation or after-hours, we’ll keep unauthorized personnel out and deter theft, arson, vandalism, trespassing and other unwanted activities. Our presence can reduce internal theft and increase compliance, and we tailor officer safety plans to your site.

Office Buildings

Our office building security services include providing officers to staff reception desks and alarm/camera monitoring centers, and we can train officers for multi-use facilities. SRC Fireguard℠ certified officers are also available, and we can provide lock/un-lock service.


SRC is currently providing security at Rest Areas, protecting both the public and government employees. SRC is also available to provide security services for buildings, parks or other venues.

“SRC has been providing security in three Safety Rest Areas located along I-5 in Snohomish County for a number of years now. During the times their officers have been on patrol, the number of public complaints and inappropriate activities has been significantly lower. Their presence has been a great deterrent. Their officers have shown diligence and professionalism in their walkarounds and have been very helpful to the traveling public and the free coffee servers. Their monthly reports have been timely and accurate. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”
-Jim Lowell, Maintenance Supervisor
“(SRC’s) willingness to respond to the city’s needs in a timely manner and provide expertise and assets exemplifies the best in corporate citizenry. Thank you again for your invaluable assistance.”
-Grant Denninger, Mayor, City of Bellevue


Providing Professional Security Services to the Greater Dallas – Ft. Worth AreaSRC can provide security officers for high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums and housing developments. Patrols can deter car prowls, secure cabanas and pool and club houses, audit parking passes, and report noncompliance of HOA/COA rules and regulations. SRC can staff the front desk, patrol multiple floors, and monitor cameras and alarms. SRC Fireguard℠ certified officers are also available.

“Always prompt, courteous and a pleasure to work with.”
-Scott Slater, Resident Manager, SeaMark Properties
“We hired SRC Security for a temporary time frame to help with vandalism and car prowls. In two months’ time, they were able to help clean up any problems we had. Thanks for the help!”
-Louise Dickins, Site Manager, Salish Village Condominiums


Providing security officer service during business hours provides peace of mind to patrons and deters parking lot attacks, car prowls and shoplifting. After-hours security services prevent break-ins and unwanted activities such as skateboarding, parking lot parties, illegal dumping and ‘dumpster diving’.

Special Events/Meetings

SRC can provide security services for your equipment, transportation and stages/sets during the set-up and live phases of your events.

“(SRC) not only provided the necessary service in securing the hotel rooms, but were also extremely helpful and gracious to our attendees. I’ve been planning meetings for the DoD for the past 16 years, and your company was the most professional and well managed guard service I’ve used. I’d be happy to recommend SRC to anyone.”
-Dorothy L. Becker, Meeting Administrator, Johns Hopkins University/Chemical Propulsion Information Agency

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